Professional Drone Photography

Justin Smith Architects commissioned Skyline Pictures to take some aerial pictures and video of the house and CAA-Approved drone pilot Kevin Clarke spent a couple of hours on-site with his professional-grade DJI Inspire drone camera system during very good weather on Sunday morning. The results are pretty impressive.

Aerial photo by, Copyright © Skyline Pictures 2018

Kevin did a great job satisfying my curiosity about the technicalities of flying the drone and some of the considerations of complying with CAA requirements – especially important given that East Midlands Airport is only a few miles away. Someone being paid to fly a drone effectively counts as a commercial aircraft operator and I’d recommend anyone planning to commission drone photography to review these CAA guidance notes beforehand.

CC BY-SA 4.0 Professional Drone Photography by Marsh Flatts Farm Self Build Diary is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. This is something I can only dream about it, I hope I will be able one day show my little house.

    This image should be default for desktop background.

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