Static Caravan is Sold

The static caravan which has been on site since 2014 is on the move. I was gearing up to advertise it more widely when word of mouth brought a buyer to my door. It will be removed from site within the next few days.

Its pale colour made the caravan quite obvious from Aston Lane (and Snelsmoor Lane) and its location meant it was more visible than the house when approaching the bend by the gate.

Static Caravan from Aston Lane

Once out of the trees, where the view widens up, it was clearly visible alongside the house.

Static caravan from Aston Lane

Closer up, it was more evident the outside was overdue for a good clean, though nothing a bit of pressure-washing can’t fix.

Static Caravan still in situ

These caravans might be called “mobile homes” but they’re only just mobile. They’re firmly optimised for staying in once place for years on end. It proved easy enough to roll it on its wheels across level ground but getting it onto a trailer needs a winch and unless the trailer is specially designed with a straight bed, the under-frame fouls the trailer before the wheels make contact with the ramp so there’s a lot of packing and jacking involved.

Static Caravan on trailer ready for transport


Professional Drone Photography

Justin Smith Architects commissioned Skyline Pictures to take some aerial pictures and video of the house and CAA-Approved drone pilot Kevin Clarke spent a couple of hours on-site with his professional-grade DJI Inspire drone camera system during very good weather on Sunday morning. The results are pretty impressive.

Aerial photo by, Copyright © Skyline Pictures 2018

Kevin did a great job satisfying my curiosity about the technicalities of flying the drone and some of the considerations of complying with CAA requirements – especially important given that East Midlands Airport is only a few miles away. Someone being paid to fly a drone effectively counts as a commercial aircraft operator and I’d recommend anyone planning to commission drone photography to review these CAA guidance notes beforehand.