ETEK EKEPC2-S EVSE Protocol Controller 2.2


Following the failure of the original EVSE Protocol Controller (EPC) in my Circontrol EVSE unit, I decided to replace just the EPC module rather than the complete unit, since the other modules all appeared to be working perfectly. I failed to find any source for a replacement Circontrol EPC so the best options appeared to be alternatives from Viridian or Chinese supplier ETEK. The ETEK modules are a good price – a total of £60.79 including VAT and delivery (China -> UK) so seemed worth a try.

ETEK EKEPC2-S EVSE Protocol Controller 2.2

The ‘S’ signifies the ‘Socket’ version, for an untethered EVSE, which requires some way to:

  • Identify the current rating of the cable being used (which is what the ‘PP’ connection does)
  • Lock the socket, to prevent the cable from being removed while charging is in progress

(The ‘C’ or ‘Cable’ version is slightly simpler, since a cable of a known specification is permanently connected and does not need to be locked in place.)

DIP Switches

The front cover can be removed to expose a bank of DIP switches which control configuration settings.

Under-the-cover view, showing the DIP switches (SW2)

As supplied, these were all set to OFF with the exception of switch 3 (SOCKET) which had been set to ON.

Wiring Connections

While there are a lot of connections available, only a few are required:

  • The ‘L’ (Live), ‘N’ (Neutral) and ‘PE’ (Protective Earth) connections to the mains power supply
  • The ‘CP’ and ‘PP’ connections to the car socket
  • The ‘P1’ and ‘P2’ connections to the contactor coil
    • These are voltage-free contacts to a relay inside the unit which enable it to be wired to Live or Neutral, depending on what is connected to the other side of the contactor coil

Appendix A – User Manual

CC BY-SA 4.0 ETEK EKEPC2-S EVSE Protocol Controller 2.2 by Marsh Flatts Farm Self Build Diary is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.