The Team

Design and Certification Team


Justin Smith, David Crane, Callum Woodward, Simon Godrich and Irina Hughes at Justin Smith Architects in Derby
See the Marsh Flatts Farm project page on the Justin Smith Architects website
See also Justin’s page on

Passihvaus Consultant

Alan Budden at Eco Design Consultants in Milton Keynes
See the Marsh Flatts Farm project page on the Eco Design Consultants website
See also Alan’s page on

Passivhaus Certifier

Kym Mead at Mead Energy and Architectural Design in London

Structural Engineer

Simon Walker at Aspect Consulting in Derby

MVHR Designer

Sarah Lumb, Tom Heywood and Andrew Farr at the Green Building Store in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Landscape Designer

Sue Hayward at Sue Hayward Garden Design in Breaston, Nottinghamshire
See also Sue’s page on

Kitchen Designer

Caroline Dunn at Caroline Dunn Design in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
See also Caroline’s page on

Lighting Designer

Phil Gardner and Alison Evans at GreyBlue Lighting Design in Shropshire

Building Control

Joe Barnett and Simon Starkey at MFA Building Control in Derby


Build Team

Main Contractor

Steve Yardley and Mick Whitebrook at Burton Building Solutions in Swadlincote, South Derbyshire

Electrical Contractor

Steve Watkins and Gary Watkins at ASG Electrical Solutions in Tamworth near Birmingham

Plumbing and Heating Contractor

Dave Baxter and the team at Baxter Gas near Ashbourne, Derbyshire

Plastering and Drylining Contractor

GC Interfinish near Hucknall, Nottinghamshire

Scaffolding Contractor

S&N Scaffolding from Burton-on-Trent

Sewage Treatment Plant

Mike Welton at Welton Environmental near Peterborough who installed a system from BIOROCK

Ground Source Heat Pump and Solar PV

David Hill, Pat Maxwell and the rest of the team at Carbon Legacy near Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire who installed systems consisting of a NIBE heat pump, SolarWorld PV panels and a SolarEdge inverter

Structural Insulated Panels

Sips UK near Wellingborough, Northamptonshire

Zinc Roofing

Full Metal Roofing near Loughborough, Leicestershire

Single-Ply Polymer Roofing

Derwent Roofing Solutions in Ilkeston, Derbyshire

Windows and External Doors

EcoHaus Internorm near Stroud, Gloucestershire

Polished Concrete Flooring

Midland Flooring in Coleshill near Birmingham

Solar Shading

Duncan Graham and the team at Contrasol in St Albans, Hertfordshire

Kitchen Cabinets

Kesseler kitchens near Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, installed by Kesseler Interiors

Land Surveyor

Anthony Watkins at Mapmatic in Derby


Supply Team

Bespoke Internal Doors

J B Kind Doors in Swadlincote, South Derbyshire

Kitchen Appliances

Miele appliances supplied by Long Eaton Appliances

MVHR System

PAUL Novus 450 with Lindab ducting supplied by the Green Building Store

Kitchen and Bathroom Taps

Hansgrohe fittings supplied by SKYBAD in Germany

Home Automation

MDT KNX control devices supplied by EIBMARKT in Germany

Electric Window Blinds

Louvolite blinds with Vestamatic motors supplied by Newblinds near Stockport


Support Team

Mortgage Lender

The Ecology Building Society in Keighley, West Yorkshire

Legal Services

Katie Basey and team at Alexander & Co Solicitors in Derby


CC BY-SA 4.0 The Team by Marsh Flatts Farm Self Build Diary is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

13 thoughts on “The Team

  1. Hi, We are working on the Cedar Solar Shading / Brise Soleil for you via Steve..
    Your daily updates have become something of a guilty pleasure since I visited the site to survey back in April. It is a very pleasurable and fascinating read, so many thanks.. Best Regards, Duncan (

    • Hi Duncan. Thanks for your comment. It’s always good to hear about who follows the updates, and why. Sometimes I feel the daily updates are a bit too much, since some days it’s largely “more of the same” – especially since the outdoor camera isn’t showing much of the recent progress – but people tell me it’s a good record of the progress of the project so I’m going to keep up with the updates to the end (which is now firmly in sight!).
      You remind me that the page for The Team is a little out of date, so I’ve corrected a couple of the links that had changed and added a few other contractors, including yourselves. I’m looking forward to seeing the solar shading installed.

  2. Hi there, interesting site, i stumbled upon it while searching for Immersun related stuff – specifically people who have messed with the data collection. I would like to try and develop a method to get data directly from the device, perhaps by faking the server locally. Have you looked at that at all?
    The idea is to be independant of the external website monitoring, for example when 4eco folded and the product was taken over there was a period of the site being down.
    If you have looked into this and have any tips, please mail me! I’ll gladly share anything i come up with 🙂

    • Hi Bob,

      I’ve sent a longer reply via email. In summary I did take a quick look at the immerSUN monitoring network traffic while trying to debug why my immerLink Bridge wasn’t connecting. Found that it was a short UDP packet going to a fixed IP address and then got distracted by the many other things on my to-do list and didn’t take it further.


      • This is high on my agenda too. I want to have an RPi running a simple display that tells me when even the ImmerSun has done its job and I have energy available. I’ve looked at screen scraping the HTML using python and that’s easy enough if I can get past the authentication stage. Will play with your perl script to look at whether that affords me further clues.

        I’m keen to get involved and happy to share my code once it is doing the biz. My thoughts to date have been around scraping the html and shoving the data in mySQL database from where I can do as I please. Even easier if I can get my hands on the JSON as I have that bit sorted.

        • Hi Cliff,

          I’m thinking along similar lines – in particular for triggering other electricity consumers when there is excess generation capacity: washing machine, electric vehicle charging etc. For the best effect, might need to factor in the weather forecast too.


          • Got a basic Python version working on RPi-3 now so I can build on this. RPi could host relays etc to effect changes in response to the data received. Here is a basic .py that refreshes every 10 seconds. I’m not saying it is clean or lean yet but it will access your data from the server.
            Just build out a RPi and run it. My next steps are clean up the code, auto-run it on startup and hook up a display so I’m at least aware of surplus power:

            #!/usr/bin/env python3.5
            import sys, os, glob, asyncio, json, time, datetime, logging
            import urllib, urllib.request

            serno = ‘123456’
            uri = ‘′
            realm=’My Immersun’
            username = ‘’
            password = ‘myImmersunpwd’
            data_url_string = ‘’ + serno

            while True:
            auth_handler = urllib.request.HTTPDigestAuthHandler()
            auth_handler.add_password(realm=realm, uri=uri, user=username, passwd=password)
            opener = urllib.request.build_opener(auth_handler)
            conn = urllib.request.urlopen(data_url_string)
            data_received =
            data = json.loads(data_received)
            recvJsonDict = data

            immdata_divert = recvJsonDict[‘divert’]
            immdata_diverted_energy = recvJsonDict[‘diverted_energy’]
            immdata_boost_state = recvJsonDict[‘boost_state’]
            immdata_total_savings = recvJsonDict[‘total_savings’]
            immdata_last_event_time = recvJsonDict[‘last_event_time’]
            immdata_self = recvJsonDict[‘self’]
            immdata_gen = recvJsonDict[‘gen’]
            immdata_diverted_value = recvJsonDict[‘diverted_value’]
            immdata_holiday = recvJsonDict[‘holiday’]
            immdata_hot = recvJsonDict[‘hot’]
            immdata_link_status = recvJsonDict[‘link_status’]
            immdata_device = recvJsonDict[‘device’]
            immdata_status = recvJsonDict[‘status’]
            immdata_type = recvJsonDict[‘type’]
            immdata_last_event_text = recvJsonDict[‘last_event_text’]
            immdata_last_heard = recvJsonDict[‘lastheard’]
            immdata_user_name = recvJsonDict[‘user_name’]
            immdata_busy = recvJsonDict[‘busy’]
            immdata_house = recvJsonDict[‘house’]
            immdata_boost_left = recvJsonDict[‘boost_left’]
            immdata_serialno = recvJsonDict[‘serialno’]
            immdata_green = recvJsonDict[‘green’]
            immdata_heater = recvJsonDict[‘heater’]
            immdata_grid = recvJsonDict[‘grid’]
            immdata_busy = recvJsonDict[‘busy’]

            str_grid = ‘{:5d}’.format(immdata_grid)
            str_gen = ‘{:5d}’.format(immdata_gen)
            str_div = ‘{:5d}’.format(immdata_divert)
            str_house = ‘{:5d}’.format(immdata_house)
            str_self = ‘{:5d}’.format(immdata_self)

            print(“Last data: ” + immdata_last_heard)
            print(“Grid: ” + str_grid + ” Generated: ” + str_gen + ” Diverted: ” + str_div + ” self: ” + str_self + ” House: ” + str_house)

            Hope it helps

  3. Thanks for an excellent and informative blog!

    Has Immersun’s cloud server gone down, or is it just me? The last live packet received was just before midnight on Thursday 5 July 2018.

    Unrelated question, has anyone reading this using HomeAssistant on the RPi in conjunction with their Immersun? (It may be an academic point depending on the outcome of my first question!)

  4. Hello David – thanks for your response and pleased to hear you’re still “live”. Something broke a week ago – no iPhone data or since then.

    I don’t want to turn this into an Immersun support forum but what CloudIP do you have set? (Mine is, ILbridge shows constant amber, constant green LED, have rebooted everything. Firmware is 1060:3902)


    • Hi Simon,

      Odd. Mine is on the same firmware and the same CloudIP and working fine.

      Are you able to ‘ping’ from another machine on your network and does that work – and report the same IP address?
      Do you have some way to inspect the network traffic originating from the iLbridge, using a tool like ‘tcpdump’ or ‘wireshark’?


  5. It’s back working! I’m not absolutely certain why as I tried several things like executing a factory reset of the Immersun – but it might have been the ‘Firewall’ setting in the Virgin Media router which I have downgraded from ‘Medium’ to ‘Low’. (There’s no VM documentation to explain the different levels, and I confess it was I who changed it from Low->Medium a while ago.)

    Anyhow, thanks David for helping me check it was a local issue.

    PS if you are prepared to send me a private email you might be interested in the two-page ‘ecohomes’ write-up we had for our refurb. I fully concur with “It will be nice when it’s finished” 🙂

    • Hi Simon,

      That makes sense. The ImmerSUN uses UDP (rather than TCP) on port 87, which is firmly in the “non standard” category and might well look suspicious to Virgin Media.


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