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Some of the solutions I’m using for various aspects of the finished house or the building process warrant a bit more explanation than naturally fits into one of the news Posts on the main Page. Where I’ve written more in-depth articles those are listed under the Technical Articles pages menu.

CC BY-SA 4.0 Technical Articles by Marsh Flatts Farm Self Build Diary is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Hi. I’m just wondering how you got on with adjusting the heat curve on the nibe boiler, what setting did you find most efficient?

    • Hi Matt,
      I’ve not changed the setting since posting about it over a year ago so on that basis it must have worked OK last winter; I’ve only just put the heating back on for this winter.
      From a pure efficiency point of view, a ‘lower’ curve is always going to be better, since any heat pump is more efficient producing lots of warm water rather than a little very hot water.
      The trade-off is with the delivery of heat into the house – especially in areas which have rather too much heat loss and rather too little heat supply (i.e. too small / too few radiators) – especially if they’re North-facing so get little passive solar gain.
      My hunch is that if we have a prolonged period of very cold weather (especially if it’s foggy/cloudy so little sun) then Curve 5 might be a little too low – but there are lots of variables and it’s tough to be scientific about it.

      • Hi David
        Thank you for reply, sorry for my late reply.
        How did you get on with heat curve 5 during the cold snap we just had. I have just recently adjusted mine to heat curve 7. I have been in contact with Nibe looking for help with tweaking the settings for optimum performance but like you say there are lots of variables. If you are willing to and have the time i would love to know the other settings you have set ie min flow temp, your own curve settings, do you use a room sensor, do you use scheduling etc. It would be a big help to me to help try an understand how someone else has configured the system and why.

        Please feel free to email me directly, i think i entered my email on the reply form above.

        Hope you have a lovely Christmas

        Kind Regards

        Matthew Dyer

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