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  1. Your house looks fabulous and your journey is really helpful to read about. We are interested in self build and like you we want to build a sustainable home. We have recently been offered a plot to purchase but want to try for planning first and I am not at all sure we will get planning – the vendor says we might if we present the right case – would you recommend your architects with regard to pre app advice or did you use some one else. We live in Derby although the plot we are looking at falls into south derbyshire CC. Very grateful for any advice you can give?

  2. Hi Sarah,
    My plot had planning permission when I bought it so the principle of building a new house was already established. Justin Smith and his team took care of talking to the planners about the new planning application, and the formal application sailed through. They know the planners in Derby and all the surrounding areas, including South Derbyshire where my plot is located and also where you are looking, and they know what tends to get approved and what doesn’t.
    I’d say it all depends on how close to the wire you are in terms of compliance with planning policy. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to have a chat with Justin to see what he thinks before considering engaging a specialist planning consultant.
    I do know that a lot of people in your position agree the purchase of the land subject to planning approval subsequently being granted. If you do that you need a good property solicitor as well as a good architect. I used Katie Basey at Alexander & Co and I highly recommend her.

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