Hornbeam Hedge Planted

To act as a bit of a wind-break and to help divide up a large expanse of grass there’s been a plan for a while to have a new hedge running at right angles to the existing boundary hedge and heading towards the south-west corner of the house.

Sue Hayward recommended Hornbeam which is a bit like Beech but much more tolerant of wet conditions (and it’s really quite wet near the boundary hedge). It’s a native species but more formal than Hawthorn or Blackthorn.

This is a perfect time of year to get bare-rooted plants into the ground and local company Woodgrow Horticulture supplied some nice 60-80cm specimens for less than £1 each. The hedge is 12m long and will be clipped to 1m wide (which is roughly the width of the bare soil in the photo). A staggered double row at 50cm spacing needed 47 plants.

Bare-rooted Hornbeam planted to form a 12m-long hedge

Miele Home Automation API

It’s annoying to have ‘smart’ devices that can only interact with the manufacturer’s own website or smartphone app. Much better is for them to have an API which can hook into other home automation systems, either to bring everything together in one user interface or to support automation logic (like running the dishwasher when electricity is cheapest).

Miele have been exploring various options for home automation over the years and they’re in the process of moving from a peer-to-peer ZigBee architecture to a Cloud-based WiFi solution.

There’s been a smartphone app for a while (MIele@mobile) which clearly uses an API to connect to the Cloud-hosted back-end and now the “3rd Party API” is official released for other uses.

More info at https://www.miele.com/developer/index.html

There’s also some work ongoing to hook this into openHAB and MQTT; see https://community.openhab.org/t/cloud-based-miele-home-to-mqtt/52155