My “Old” House is No Longer On the Market

Well, that didn’t take long! On the market for less than a week, lots of interest in the first couple of days (which then died down somewhat). 5 viewings, 3 offers over the asking price and the end result is that I’ve agreed a sale for a price I’m happy with. The buyers are in a pretty solid position (already living nearby and selling to first-time buyers) so I’m fairly confident things will go ahead without too many hiccups.

Trouble is, I now need to move out rather sooner than I was originally planning to. I suspect both sets of buyers in the chain will want to be in before Christmas, subject to all the conveyancing going through in 10 weeks.

My “Old” House is On the Market

While Justin Smith and his team are working on the detailed design for the new house the next big step is for me to sell my current house. I need the money from the sale to fund the first part of the new build – and to prove to a mortgage company that I have enough money to actually complete it.

After a bit of cleaning, tidying and de-cluttering my current house is in good shape for viewings and I decided to market it via Hannells, a local independent agent who have the biggest market share in and around Derby (plus they’re cheaper than the national chains).

The details appeared on RightMove today so fingers cross for a flurry of interest in the next few days. I’ve had one viewing already.