Week 76, Day 2

Week 76, Day 2:

  • Progress with various items of snagging
  • The team from Ecohaus Internorm were back on site, adjusting the windows and replacing some of the air seals on the HS330 sliding doors
  • The electricians were back on site, connecting up the low-level outdoor lights fitted last week (see second photo below) and wiring up the last of the internal LED strip-light dimmers ready for me to programme
  • The plumbers were back on site attending to a few snagging items
Week 76, Day 2

Week 76, Day 2

Low-level outdoor lights are now connected

I’ll try another photo when it’s not quite so dark since to the naked eye the contrast wasn’t quite so marked as it appears in this shot.

  • The light half-way up the building is the intruder alarm siren
  • The row of lights on the right of the shot, along the horizon, are the A50 spur to the A6