1. Garage(s) will be used for keeping the car(s) in, and working on them out of the weather. No particular need for the garage to perform additional roles since there will be a separate Workshop and other rooms within the outbuildings for that, so OK to have a fairly basic brick box with a concrete floor.
  2. Need power sockets and a water supply for hose etc. (rainwater)
  3. Likely to be limited headroom so a good choice for the garage doors would be a horizontal sliding “round the corner” configuration
    1. Definitely seems like a better option than an up-and-over door or a roller shutter
    2. Easy to open a little for pedestrian access or for one car, or two, or three…
    3. Manufacturers of these sorts of doors include
      1. Hormann
      2. Rundum Meir
      3. SWS
  4. Ideally want to be able to open the tailgate and bonnet on the largest likely car when in the garage with the doors closed
    1. A BMW 5 Series Touring is just about the worst case; typical! 4.9m long and the open tailgate rises to 2.1m. Width, including mirrors, is 2.094m.
      1. When the front doors are open they protrude roughly 1m each so the overall width with open doors is roughly 4m.
    2. Actually that’s not the worst case. The Jaguar XJ (short wheel base) is 5.127m long (the long wheel base is 5.252m!). Width, including mirrors, is 2.105m.
    3. The Jaguar XF is smaller at 4.961m long and 2.077m wide, including mirrors.
    4. For comparison, the Range Rover is 4.972m long and the width, including mirrors, is 2.216m.
  5. The central section of the North barn is approximately 13.25m x 5.0m, so plenty of width for 4 cars (@3m each).
  6. Ideally want an open “car port” somewhere – covered but open to the air (or with a door that can be left open, securely) – to park one car when it has been raining. Would be good to have covered access to the house from here.
  7. Bicycle storage within Garage or elsewhere in outbuildings?

Garden Store

  1. Plenty of storage space for garden tools (hand tools, power tools) and other equipment
  2. Need space for garden tractor if not stored in Garage, with a decent sized door
  3. Bicycle storage if not in Garage


  1. Space for work benches, lathe, drilling machine, circular saw table
  2. Plenty of mains sockets
  3. Windows overlooking courtyard ?

Utility Room

  1. Need a second Utility Room as part of the Outbuildings
  2. Will be used for general workshop, garage and garden related tasks requiring a sink (Belfast style would be good) and worktops
  3. Will be used for brewing beer, which drives some extra requirements:
    1. Multiple levels of worktops
    2. Easy to clean and keep clean
    3. A good supply of water, including harvested rainwater for cooling purposes (draining back to the rainwater tank???)
    4. A high-current electricity supply in case that is required for a beer boiler
    5. Plenty of storage space
  4. Include a WC and sink nearby

Boiler Room

  1.  Assuming that a log fired boiler forms part of the heating system, that needs to located somewhere near to the supply of logs and somewhere that can stand getting a little dirty
  2. Locate the accumulator tank next to the boiler, with a long(-ish) pipe run to the house?
  3. The South “barn” (kennels) would probably be the best location

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