Planning Application Submitted

The new Planning Application was submitted to South Derbyshire District Council on 24 June. The SDDC reference number is only confirmed when the application fee is received, and even for applications submitted online, via the Planning Portal, this must be paid by posting them a cheque.

Update 2013-07-03: The SDDC reference number is now confirmed asĀ 9/2013/0492 and the application is now visible on the SDDC Planning Website. The consultation period ends on 2013-07-24.

The documents submitted to support the Planning Application are also available on this page.

New Page for Concept Design

It’s about time I posted some sketches of the new house, right? I’ve had a print showing one view at my desk in the office which has attracted a lot of interest and the design is now pretty solid so it’s time to go public with what will be submitted for planning approval.

Take a look at the Concept Design page and click on the thumbnails for a larger view.