MyImmersun 2.0

I received a mail today from the Immersun team saying that their new MyImmersun platform is available for Beta testing and with a link to the new web portal at

There’s a new registration procedure requiring a new account to be created. Once that’s done it displays a Dashboard view, initially with no Immersun device(s) connected. In order to on-board an Immersun device to the new platform it needs to be pointed at the new Server by updating the “Cloud IP” (to – which will also remove it from the old MyImmersun platform. Then, with the device sending data to the new platform, the device needs to be “claimed” by the new login account by entering the MyImmersun Username & Password (obtained from the Immersun device menus).

Example of the new MyImmersun web portal Dashboard

The previous “Cloud IP” setting was:

Update February 2023: The “Cloud IP” setting has changed again (as of 2023-02-15) – the Immersun Status Page says to use