photo from 2005

The website contains “geographically interesting” photographs submitted by the general public and indexed against the grid squares on the 1:50,000 Ordnance Survey maps. Some of these photos date back several years and it’s possible to see how places have changed over the years.

There’s a good photo of Marsh Flatts Farm taken on 13th May 2005, reproduced below:

Marsh Flatts Farm on

Marsh Flatts Farm on

I’m inclined to submit a revised photo showing the site as it is now (and then perhaps another once the house is completed).

My “Old” House is Sold, Again

It looks like everything is back on track. As before, there was lots of interest in the house pretty much straight away and today I accepted a very solid offer from some first-time buyers who specifically want a house in the area. (One of them works near to where I do.)

It will take a few weeks for the sale to go through but hopefully I’ll be moving out in 6 weeks or so.