Website Blocking on Mobile Networks

The main broadband connection for Marsh Flatts Farm is currently offline due to trees moving in high winds having damaged the overhead fibre optic ‘cable’ on Aston Lane (again). There’s an automated fall-back to a 4G Mobile Broadband service using the O2 network – which works OK but was blocking access to this website.

Searching for some way to request access to be un-blocked led me to which confirmed that the site was indeed being blocked by the Three and O2 mobile networks – but not by the vast majority of other network operators.

Site blocking report showing active blocks by Three and O2

The ‘blocked’ website provides an easy way to request the blocking to be reviewed and I’m pleased to report that both Three and O2 have removed their blocks, in less than 2 working days – in fact I’m posting this update via the O2 network.