Kitchen Photos

The kitchen has been finished for ages but I’ve never got around to taking any decent photos. Not convinced the lighting is at its best for these but they do give a pretty good impression of the space.

Completed kitchen
Completed kitchen with furnishings
Completed kitchen with appliances

MVHR Air Intake Filter Research

I follow a number of green building folks on Twitter and a recent Tweet from Kate de Selincourt alerted me to a research study that is looking at long-term changes in pollution and air quality by analysing MVHR intake filter samples from buildings in different locations. I presume the focus is on particulate pollution since I don’t expect NOx will leave any trace on the filter.

The research is being done by Claire Jamieson at Phi Architecture in conjunction with the Buildings, Energy and Environment Research Group at Nottingham University and the Green Building Store. There’s more information about the study and a sign-up form here.

I think this is a great idea since the filters are collecting the samples anyway and are normally just thrown away. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of the research, which they say will be published annually.