Bespoke Bed Frame for Master Bedroom

Now that I have a bedroom large enough to accommodate it, I finally have a bed that is long enough for me – I’m 2.01m tall and even King Size beds are only 2m long, so I’ve opted for a Large Emperor size; 2.13m x 2.16m (nominally 7′ square). I ordered the bed frame and mattress from different suppliers and the frame arrived on Friday.

The frame is a ‘stretched’¬†variant of the Braemar in Oak¬†from Riverwood Beds in Glasgow; photo of the assembled frame below. (I really must get around to painting the bedroom wall before the mattress arrives!)

Braemar bed frame in oak from Riverwood Beds

I found Jim at Riverwood beds extremely helpful during the process of deciding exactly what size to make the frame to suit the mattress and I’m very happy with the quality of the finished product (though I haven’t actually slept on it yet). Now I just need the mattress, and some extra-large bedlinen, and some window blinds, and a carpet…