2 thoughts on “Week 75, Day 3

  1. Hello – I have been sent your blog by the real sone cladding company – We are about to embark on a new build which is terrifying and exciting as you know.

    I just wanted to get your feedback on the stone cladding, Are you happy with it? How straight forward was it to put up? any learning points you would do differently?

    Your project looks great by the way.

    • Hi Anouk – thanks for the feedback on my project.

      I’m very happy with the finished stone cladding. I didn’t install any of it myself (I will get to do that around the steps and planters by the front door once the weather warms up a bit) so I don’t have any personal experience of the installation process yet. It should come as no surprise that installing so many small pieces of stone is quite labour-intensive, but effectively it’s just like tiling. (Note that the back of the stone pieces is uneven, just like the front, so they do need quite a bit of adhesive to fill the gaps. The top and bottom are smooth-sawn, as you’d expect.)

      In general I aimed to fully-define the specification and supplier for most of the products used for the build – before starting – but my architect advised me not to bother doing that for the stone cladding. The plan was to specify “buff sandstone” and leave it for the builder to find the best supplier. That proved to be a mistake since it took many months to agree on a suitable material and for some reason all the potential suppliers seemed reluctant to send out samples. At one point I remember there was a discussion about using a thicker stone cladding material which would have projected beyond the wood cladding on the first floor (which was all installed before selecting the stone cladding) so I’d definitely recommend making a choice before finalising the design details. (You can always change your mind later if you find a better option.)


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