Week 54, Day 5

Week 54, Day 5:

  • Another scheduled air tightness test but on the day it was too windy to get an accurate reading so it will have to be re-scheduled
    • It was evident there is some air leakage at the top of the Internorm HS330 sliding doors
    • What’s not clear is whether this is a small proportion of the overall leakage or the majority of it, given that there are 4 of the doors
    • The plan is to temporarily seal the doors with tape for the next air test to check the result with and without them sealed up, so we can understand how much of the leakage they’re responsible for
  • I’d set a deadline of 28th October for having the inside cleaned and tidied ready for internal snagging and the prospect of moving in before the weather gets too much colder
  • The team did a good job of clearing out their tools, sweeping up the sawdust, taking up the protective cardboard floor coverings and cleaning most of the mess off the oak flooring
  • As a result the inside is looking clean and tidy but the outside is a bit more messy
Week 54, Day 5

Week 54, Day 5

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