Week 80, Day 5

Week 80, Day 5:

  • No further progress on the zinc around the windows; not sure if that was because of the heavy rain in the morning or if the team had other commitments. Now expecting that to be finished early next week.
  • The Final Certificate from MFA Building Control arrived in yesterday’s post, following a final inspection a couple of weeks ago and some follow-up paperwork to show evidence that the electrical, ventilation and heating systems had all been signed off.
    • While the building is now officially Complete from a Building Regulations standpoint (the unfinished zinc around the windows doesn’t affect that) there will be a separate certificate from the Architect when all of the work within the scope of the build contract is completed (and then a further certificate when all evident defects have been addressed).
    • One of the key things triggered by the Building Regulations Final Certificate is the 3-month window for the VAT reclaim on eligible items which were not zero-rated at source – seeĀ https://www.gov.uk/vat-building-new-home
Week 80, Day 5

Week 80, Day 5

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