View of the Site from Chellaston Lane

The leaves suddenly seem to have dropped from the trees and now the site is more obvious from the lane. The hedge alongside Chellaston Lane was trimmed recently and looking over the hedge (which is still around 2m high) it’s possible to get an impression of how the house will look from the lane. Despite my best efforts the camera auto-focussed on the hedge so the background isn’t as clear as it might have been. (In my defence I’d like to point out that I was holding the camera at arm’s length over my head since otherwise it would have just been a photo of the hedge with nothing in the background.)

View of the site over the hedge on Chellaston Lane

View of the site over the hedge on Chellaston Lane, looking due north

While not all the features are particularly clear (better if you click the photo to zoom in) you should be able to make out, from left to right:

  • The grey steel frame of the house
  • The thin white pole which supports the time-lapse camera (between the wind turbines)
  • The splash of yellow which is the dumper truck parked on the floor of the old barn
  • The blue tarpaulin which is covering the stacked floor boards and joists on the floor of the old cow shed
  • The wooden pole which carries the electricity supply in on overhead lines from the right
  • The old steel hay barn in the next door field

The lighting in this photo highlights the wind turbines in the background. Those are located at the Severn Trent Water site at Spondon, 3 miles away, and they’re big – 80m to the top of the tower with blades 52m in length (so 132m from the ground to the top of the blades). More details here.