What’s In A Name?

Marsh Flatts or Marsh Flats?

The Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 map clearly shows “Marsh Flatts” and the Land Registry agree with that spelling since the official title record shows “Marsh Flatts Farm”.

Unfortunately, the Post Office have different ideas and spell it “Marsh Flats Farm”. It seems they take their instructions from the local council highways department.

There seem to be quite a few places called “Something Flatts Farm”. In particular, Church Flatts Farm (only 16 miles away) has a claim to fame through being the furthest point from the sea in the UK.

Maybe it’s worth trying to get the Post Office to add the second ‘t’.

2013-02-22: Two updates:

  • I now have the updated Land Registry title record which shows me taking over ownership, and they’ve aligned with the Post Office spelling so now they show Marsh Flats Farm.
  • I got a response to my query with South Derbyshire County Council who agree that the correct spelling is Marsh Flatts and they’re going to tell the Post Office and others to use that spelling instead.

So now (or at least soon) only the Land Registry should be out of synch. Maybe I can get them to change too, once the Post Office start showing the new spelling.

2013-04-12: Just spotted that the Post Office are now listing the right address on their Address Finder; two t’s. Yay!